Friday, March 13, 2009

Double Dutch - appetites & emotions

When we were in London last year at 100% Design we saw this flower show created by the Flower Council of Holland. Appetites by Lisa White and Bouquets of Emotions by Miriam Van der Lubbe & Niels Van Eijk. Apparently it took them two full days, 100 kilos of earth and a small garden of plants and cut flowers to install the Appetites show. There were orchids, rare roses, venus fly traps, black peppers among many others. The wallpaper was the new ‘Sweetpea’ pattern by Cole and Sons, in a provocative black. It was so seductive, decadent and breathtaking.Bouquets of Emotions were five different bouquets representing different emotions: sympathy, love, happiness, anger, and jealousy.

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