Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lost in transition

Never has it been easier to realise “the good life” and we have never been more stressed, lonely and hurried. We’ve got all the things we ever dreamt of, all the products we need for our daily lives, and a lot more spare time than people used to have. But then we’re still pushing life ahead of us. We say, “It’ll pass” or “it’s just temporarily”. “Give me just another minute, then I’ll be satisfied, I just need to prepare the dinner, and get the kids to bed, and make their lunch for tomorrow, and call my dentist, and, oh that’s right, buy a trampoline for the kids, or maybe a some chickens, or why not just get an MBA while I’m at it?”
This is what we call “lost in transition”. Look out for chaotic days, lots of stress, a lot of wupsi-conclusions, a lot of unfinished business, mainly because you still believe it will pass. “It’s alright to live with Bob, and his hairy back, for a few more years because eventually my prince will save me on a white horse”. “It wont be long before I start exercising. As soon as the weather gets warmer I’ll start. And then I’ll quit the cigarettes too. And as soon as I’ve lost my first stone everything will be so much easier…”

Our lives are filled with temporary arrangements that we don’t really take serious. We don’t mind to do our shopping in a petrol station, eat a bit of fast food, and then explain ourselves that today doesn’t matter because today was much harder than what we normally experience and that’s why we really deserve this. Next week though!
And then the weekends, when we’re supposed to have a real dinner all together. Just the idea of a real dinner makes the expectation go ballistic – and fatal. But next week that will all work out much better. We long for our dreams to come true. And in the dream, we all eat homemade organic bread, cheese bought from the local producers and French wines imported only from a rare chateaux. Then why is it that statistics shows our petrol stations and discount shops are experiencing and enormous growth in the retail market anyway? Although not an obvious dream, they do fit into our lives – especially when two bottles of milk are on sale and food is pre-made and only needs 20 minutes in an oven while we set the table. While health and fitness is all that ever concerns us nowadays we’ve never bought more frozen cakes in the history of mankind.

Read the whole article by Future navigator here.

The top photo leads to this hollow and really stinky definition of happiness. Two sad totally lost women.


  1. Thanks for sharing the article. I will read the whole article in a minute, or maybe next week og next month or ?
    No I will take a minute and read it now: )

  2. hi sure to see the video, it is so scary.