Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry for my last note in Danish!!!

Pictures from a meeting at Kristine and Sabine's in Kødbyen. We tried out the combination with the carpet and the furniture. And we liked it! What is your opinion? The little piece of ceramics is a sketch of Louise’s.

And then - the furniture placed in an impressing subtopic night in Copenhagen some weeks ago.

- Rikke


  1. Well I like it too, it´s a good mix of organics and geometrics forms, would the colors stay black and white???
    Looking forward to see my flower hanging above in the mittle of it.
    I think the room will be liftet to a jungle because our works are big and the room is small and there is a lot of patterns "going on" :o


  2. The rug will actually be opposite in colors. The background will be crème white and the pattern deep bordeaux. We have sent it to production now.